• 1 --- CLASSIC / Conference training - Tables

The Classic concept is engineered to adapt and address most budgeting constraints by keeping the most economical solutions and modifying others. This variety of furniture combines style and functionality.

Classic Conference

In perfect harmony…
Enjoy a uniform space, as well as a stimulating and coherent layout.

  • Stylish shapes
  • Reinvented bases
  • Practical accessories
  • Pertinent options at your service

Transform traditional credenzas into multimedia furniture…

Whatever the purpose of your meetings, our wide range of tools is available to meet your needs.

In constant evolution…
You cannot stop progress. Ultra compact storage capacity, mobility, and versatility are at your fingertips to meet the demands of today’s market.

Classic Training

  • Pivoting surfaces
  • Height adjustment
  • Easy moving
  • Flexibility to varying degrees

The MODULO series is the perfect option.

In rows, in small groups, in traditional conference form, or even in a “V” shape, our vast selection of multifunctional tables is reconfigurable at will.