• 1 --- COLLEGE / Cubicles - Ambiance

Everything makes sense…
This goes without saying, laying out large spaces is an art.

Divide your space according to your desires and choose pairings that are convenient for you.

College Cubicles

Integrate variety…
Impose a structure that results from a subtle mix of privacy and interactivity.

  • Various cubicles
  • Meeting spaces
  • Areas for dialogue
  • Each fulfilling their role

A heterogeneous environment, in line with today’s multidisciplinary teams.

Multi-use Benches and Chairs

The metamorphoses…
Transform the purpose of the elements in the blink of an eye and get a multifunctional space.

AGORAFLEX, one personality, two faces.

All you need to do is turn half of the chairs into desks to move from a passive audience to a proactive audience.

A layout must sometimes address different types of needs.

College Library

The productivity of students is significantly increased when it is in well-defined spaces.

  • Multimedia stations
  • User-friendly spaces
  • Meeting spaces
  • A coordinated system with all the required amenities

A good way to negotiate the technological advances with brio.

From kindergarten to university level, our College Library Furniture can be customized to support and enhance any modern learning environment.

Our lockers at your fingertips…
Add style and function to your locker room. Unlike traditional metal lockers, our products will enhance your decor with our extensive selection of finishes and hardware options.

Plan for any eventuality…

  • Exciting colors
  • Assorted benches
  • Metallic or traditional bases
  • Our models with 3, 6 or 9 boxes are at your disposal

Locker rooms with all the practical advantages.

  • Built-in handles
  • Choice of traditional locks or our performant electronic locking system
  • An increased security