Show off your know-how…
Intended for the development of open spaces, this brand-new collection allows the creation of collaborative work stations.

STUDIO-Lab Collection

Perceptible synergy…
Encourage cooperation and interactions to stimulate initiatives.

Create the desired level of privacy by using different options; shared storage units with dividing cabinets, surface divider panels that can be used to create a personal space within a space.

Studio-Lab, with its reinforced steel frame, is offered in single or double version for a choice of work surfaces 24’’ or 30’’ deep. Available in widths from 36’’ to 84’’ which can be customized to provide a cost-benefit advantage of efficient space saving.

Collection STUDIO

Never enough…
Exceed all expectations and give prominence to planning

  • Dual user storage units
  • Utility compartments
  • Various levels
  • A maximum number of combinations

The Studio Collection; a well-reasoned storage solution.

Engineered for performance and developed from an in depth analysis of needs.

An adapted comfort…
Adjust the features to the desired height for an appropriate ergonomic working position.

  • Multiple user stations
  • Sitting or standing work stations
  • Consultation tables
  • A dynamic environment

A productive environment…
Well planned and practical use of spaces; synonym of efficiency and comfort.

Capture the elusive…
Leverage the synergies of collaborative work.

  • Adapted layouts
  • Shared storage
  • Translucent sections
  • A favorable environment for efficient performance.

The STUDIO collection meets the expectations of a clientele in search of productivity.

Provide the right tools to promote proactivity.

Adequate to meet the operational needs of a successful company.